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LDM How to: Wear a climbing harness

In this short blog we will discuss how to fit your climbing harness and wear it correctly.

It is important your harness fits well and is comfortable, especially if you intend to sit in the harness or put your weight into it (this can happen when belaying or abseiling for example).

There are lots of harnesses on the market, and they are all designed for different purposes. For trad climbing, we recommend something like a Black Diamond Momentum, Petzl Adjama or a DMM Renegade.

Each one has a slight variation but you are looking for something that has padding, gear loops and adjustable leg loops where possible.

We recommend at least 4 gear loops, and a small loop at the back so you can hang shoes/trainers on and bring them with you up the climb.

When wearing the harness, make sure it sits high enough on your body. The harness waist loop needs to sit above your hips and be tight enough to not slip below.

The leg loops need to be comfortable and not overtightened.

The belay loop needs to sit as high as possible, around belly button height to keep your centre of gravity high and stop the risk of inverting.

Check out our instructional video for some hints and tips on wearing your climbing harness.


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