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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?
Visit our Book Now page to enquire for our courses and activities. Or visit the Booking System to book your course spaces. 
here for further information on booking. 

What happens if I cancel?
Please click here to view our cancellation policy.

how do i contact you?
Please email or visit our Contact page to complete our enquiry form. 

How do I see availability?
Most dates are bookable on request as we host private and bespoke days for guiding or private adventures.  This means low ratios and customer focussed days. 
Our courses are open and these dates are displayed on the
Booking System - this is accessed through clicking on the Book Now buttons on the course pages.
Please email direct or information or complete an enquiry form to request a booking. 

what are the prices?
All prices are detailed under each event - courses are priced per person and guided days are priced per day.
Bespoke courses come at a rate per day which flucuates depending on the number of participants.

Generally the price will go down per person as more participants are added to a booking and this will be cost effective for you (applicable to private guided days)

where do we meet?
We will meet you on location - we will set a destination and a time to meet for the day of your booking. This will be detailed in any itineraries we send during the booking stage. For more information please click here. 
We send out fully detailed course itinerary pdf documents for you to follow; these will display meeting locations, timings, directions, instructor details and kit lists. 

what kit do i need to bring?
We provide kit lists for all activities and courses offered. Click here for detailed kit lists to give you an idea of what you will need to bring.
Relevant information is provided 
in any itinerary forms we send during the booking stage. 
Technical equipment can be provided for your course or activity session. 

what is provided?
We will outline all kit that is provided.  Your session or guided day will come with an experienced instructor and we will provide all technical equipment for courses and activities. Kit Lists are displayed here

what are the fitness requirements?
All of our fitness requirements are outlined here. 

how do i disclose medical information?
We will ask you to disclose this information on a participation form during the booking process and we will outline the importance of carrying any personal medication. 

what if it is raining?
We are no stranger to adverse weather in the Lake District - on the rare occasions the weather is bad enough to affect your activity we will do all we can to accommodate you another time, offer an alternative activity or offer a form of refund at our discretion.  Read here for more information on how to best prepare for weather in the mountains.

where will we be climbing?
Please click here for recommended climbs and venues.  This page will outline venues we will likely use and routes you may climb with us on courses or guided days. 

Please click here to access our COVID-19 policy. 



We look forward to hearing from you and working towards your mountaineering ambitions and helping to achieve your goals. 

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If calls are missed we will respond when possible, please leave a voicemail or text message where possible.

Thank you

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