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Rock climbing guides in the Lake District

guided Rock Climbing 

bespoke days

Experience rock climbing in the Lake District.  Join us for a bespoke itinerary of guided climbs; experience classics or learn the basics, this service can be tailored to your goals. 

This day is delivered by a mountain professionals that are affiliated with the Association of Mountaineering Instructors


1:1 £210

1:2 £240


Embark on an extraordinary rock climbing journey tailored to your aspirations and skill level with our bespoke guided rock climbing service. Whether you're a seasoned climber seeking new challenges or a novice eager to conquer your first routes, our expert guides are dedicated to curating an unforgettable experience that aligns perfectly with your goals.


Customised Climbing Experiences

Our bespoke service is all about you. We work closely with you to understand your preferences, abilities, and objectives. Whether you're interested in conquering classic routes, exploring hidden gems or learning the ropes, every detail is crafted to ensure an adventure that resonates with you.

Professional, Certified Guides

Lake District Mountaineering has a team of experienced, certified guides that are not only experts in climbing techniques and safety, but they are also passionate about sharing their love for the sport. With extensive knowledge of local terrain and routes, they'll lead you on a journey of discovery and achievement.

Safety First Approach

Your safety is paramount. Our guides are highly trained and up to date with best practice.  Our rock climbing instructors are affiliated with AMI and undergo regular CPD.  We are equipped with top-tier gear and equipment. Lake District Mountaineering conduct thorough risk assessments and ensure every precaution is taken to provide a secure and enjoyable climbing experience.


Access to Exclusive Locations

Benefit from our extensive network of climbing destinations, including both popular spots and hidden gems. Whether it's majestic mountain crags, valley cliffs or classic rock routes, our access to diverse terrain allows us to cater to a range of preferences.

Skill Development and Coaching

From beginners seeking a solid foundation to advanced climbers refining their technique, our guides provide personalised coaching and feedback. We're committed to helping you grow as a climber, working on a student-led focus and ensuring that you leave with a sense of accomplishment and newfound skills.



Qualified Guides

  • Our guides are qualified rock climbers with extensive knowledge of local climbing areas. They are certified and trained to a high standard.  This standard is upheld through Mountain Training and our instructors hold the MCI award and are professional members of AMI.

Passion to inspire:

We're committed to leading by example, sharing knowledge, fostering growth and encouraging positivity in all climbing activities we provide. 

Personalised Instruction

Our guides offer one-on-one instruction, providing personalised tips and techniques to help climbers improve their skills and confidence on the rock.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Your climbing adventure is designed to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Whether it's a single day excursion or a development plan over multiple days, we're here to make it happen.

Passion for Climbing

We are avid climbers ourselves, and our passion for the sport is evident in the experiences we create. We genuinely love sharing our knowledge and helping others discover the joy of rock climbing.

Memories that Last a Lifetime

We believe that climbing is more than a physical challenge; it's an opportunity for personal growth and unforgettable memories. Our tailored approach ensures that your climbing adventure is a story you'll cherish forever.


We will match the climbs and venues to your aspirations and expectations - venues we use include:

Raven Crag (Langdale)

Upper Scout Crag

Shepherds Crag

Black Crag (Borrowdale)

Castle Rock

Gimmer Crag

Dow Crag

The Napes

And more!


There is a lifetimes worth of climbing just in the Lakes, maybe you wish to climb a classic rock route, experience rock climbing for the first time or head onto the mountain crags - we are here to guide the way. 


Get in touch if you have a climb in mind or need some guidance towards choosing a route for you!


1:2 Ratio

 2 people per 1 instructor

Safety is paramount so no more than 2 people per 1 instructor in technical terrain.


A party larger than 2 will require multiple instructors - we can supply instructors adhering to our ratios - please enquire.


No experience necessary

We can teach you how to wear your harness and how to safely tie in

We will take the day at your pace and build on any prior knowledge or current skillset

We can run the day in line with your experiences and skillset and tailor the day for you. 


All technical equipment is provided. 

We will share kit lists with you during the booking stage

Harness & Helmet provided but

you can bring your own

You will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing and have your own rock shoes

Click here for a rock shoes buyers guide


Our venues are carefully selected and tailored to get the most out of the programme. 

We can select venues close to your accommodation where possible.

We regularly use the Langdale & Borrowdale valleys or any of the listed locations above, or venture further afield if it suits the programme and your aspirations. 

Dates on request


Please us the contact form or email us to enquire and we can organise a guided day based on your availability (and ours)


We can supply additional instructors for larger groups - 1:2 ratio for safety in this terrain 

Langdale rock climbing


We look forward to hearing from you and working towards your mountaineering ambitions and helping to achieve your goals. 

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If calls are missed we will respond when possible, please leave a voicemail or text message where possible.

Thank you

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