Mountain days include hill walking, scrambling and mountaineering. It is expected that you will be fit enough to walk in the mountains for up to 6 hours, carrying a rucksack.  Good general fitness is recommended.



Winter is a harsher and tougher time in the mountains, often carrying heavier rucksacks.  A higher level of fitness is required as winter is a step up from the summer.


On our courses and guided days rock climbing requires a good fitness level to walk to the crags and cliffs and have the physical capability to climb once in these areas.

Some crags are valley crags and only require you to walk 10-20 minutes uphill to access them.

 Climbing isn't all about power and arm muscles either; good technique comes from the legs and footwork.



Canyoning requires moderate fitness levels; be able to walk uphill for 15/20 minutes at a steady pace and walk for up to an hour to reach some venues. This activity can be a test of balance, co-ordination and nerve on abseils, scrambles and jumps.  We do not require a strong swimming ability, we will teach defensive swimming but you need to comfortable in a water environment. 

Bring along your sense of adventure and an open mind and we will accommodate and encourage you along the way! 



Participants of the Via Ferrata should expect to encounter some uphill walking, some of which is steep with precipitous drops. It's all protected by safety cables and there is no time pressure on these sessions, meaning the uphill sections can be taken slowly if necessary.

The main activity is climbing so a head for heights would be beneficial. 

Please get in touch if you have any further queries regarding fitness levels for a specific activity.


We look forward to hearing from you and working towards your mountaineering ambitions and helping to achieve your goals. 

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