Do you know how to rescue an injured limber? Could you get your partner out of difficult half up a multi-pitch climb?​

Join us and learn how to stay safe 


Max Ratio 1:4

1 Day Course

1:1 £150

1:2 £85pp (£170)

1:3 £70pp (£210)

1:4 £60pp (£240)




Course Outline

Self rescue is important for any climber.  As climbers we needs lots of skills, knowledge and understanding of many different systems and this can all be a little daunting. 

Join us on this course where we teach you to deal with common problems encountered at the crag, simple scenarios to complex rescues.  

Expect to cover:

  • Prussics and their uses

  • Tying off the belay plate 

  • Ascending a rope

  • Lowering a climber and lowering past a knot

  • Hoisting a stuck climber 

  • Escaping the system 

We will then look into more complex systems and emergency techniques such as:

  • Counter balance abseils 

  • Abseiling with an injured climber 

  • Multi pitch descents with an injured climbers 

  • Traverse rescue scenarios when appropriate 


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For further information email us. 

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Course Dates

This course can run on any day that is suitable for you.  This is a 1 day course.

Venue & Location

We will choose suitable venues for the course, close to Keswick or Ambleside.


Expect to use convenient crags in Langdale or Borrowdale 


All technical equipment is provided for this course. 

Use our Kit Lists to know what to bring for your course. 

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