self rescue for climbers

Do you know how to rescue an injured climber? Could you get your partner out of difficulty half up a multi-pitch climb?​  Can you ascend a rope once you've abseiled to the end? Can you hoist your partner?

We can teach you

Instructor Ratio - 1:4

1 Day Course

1 person £170

2 or more: £95pp

Kong Slyde


Self rescue is important for any climber.

As climbers we need lots of skills, knowledge and understanding of many different systems and this can all be a little daunting. ​


Join us on this course where we teach you to deal with common problems encountered at the crag, simple scenarios to complex rescues. ​

This is all about improvised rescue - we will deal with problems pragmatically and look at how to solve them using our regular climbing gear.  Our solutions will be carried out from the gear you would be expected to carry on the lead. 

Expect to cover:

  • Prussics and their uses

  • Tying off the belay plate

  • Ascending a rope

  • Lowering a climber and lowering past a knot

  • Hoisting a stuck climber

  • Escaping the system ​


If progression is good - we will then look into more complex systems and emergency techniques such as: ​

  • Counter balance abseils

  • Abseiling with an injured climber

  • Multi pitch descents with an injured climbers

  • Traverse rescue scenarios when appropriate

To guarantee you will cover everything listed - book this course to run over 2 days 

The price of this course is inclusive of:

  • A qualified Mountaineering Instructor affiliated with AMI

  • Local & intimate knowledge of the venues

  • Technical equipment 

  • Professional coaching & instruction

Read more about AMI here: About AMI


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Exclusive discount for LDM customers when booking this course

Course Ratios

1:4 Ratio - 4 people per 1 instructor

We will be using single pitch terrain and the instructor will be able to supervise up to 4 people (2 teams)


A party larger than 4 will require multiple instructors - we can supply instructors adhering to our ratios - please enquire.  


Wear and fit a harness correctly

Tie a rethreaded figure of eight knot

Prior climbing experience such as:

Be leading at VDiff/Severe or above - single pitch only leading is fine


All technical equipment is provided. 

We will share kit lists with you during the booking stage

Harness & Helmet provided but

ideally you will have your own

Your own belay plate and prussic cords would be ideal

You will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing and have your own rock shoes. 


Our venues are carefully selected and tailored to get the most out of the programme. 

We can select venues close to your accommodation where possible.

We regularly use the Langdale & Borrowdale valleys. 


rest of 2021

11th October 2021 - 9:30am

16th October 2021 - 9:30am

25th October 2021 - 9:30am


14th March 2022 - 9:30am


11th April 2022 - 9:30am

Can't see a date that works for you? Contact us for private and bespoke courses. We are happy to discuss your ideas and tailor a programme for you

Stirrup Hoist
Stirrup Hoist

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Traverse rescue - escaping the system
Traverse rescue - escaping the system

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Y Hang Abseil
Y Hang Abseil

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Stirrup Hoist
Stirrup Hoist

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cancellation policy

If cancellation occurs within 30 days of the course or activity, we will retain 50% of the full price (your deposit).

If cancellation is within 14 days of the activity we will retain the full amount.