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Rock Climbs & Venues

Rock Climbing in the Lake District is first rate. The Lakes is the birthplace of rock climbing as a sport after the first ascent of Napes Needle in 1886 by Haskett-Smith.

At Lake District Mountaineering, we are here to help teach you the skills and help you gain the knowledge to safely rock climb in the district and follow in the footsteps of these great pioneers. 

We know the area well, and we are climbing in the national park all the time; for work and pleasure. Listed on this page are some of the venues we use on courses and guided days along with some of our favourite routes at each crag. 

This list is not exhaustive and we could use any number of venues, even if they are not listed here.  The venues listed are accessible with lots of routes suited to teaching and guiding, meaning a good spread of grades across high quality rock - making the routes suitable for all. 

Details of courses and guided services can be found here 

Rock Climbing in Langdale


Raven Crag Langdale is a valley crag at the head of the valley of Langdale.  Accessible, popular and fantastic venue for beginner climbers, many completing their first leads at this crag. 


Recommended Routes

Middlefell Butress (Diff)

Original Route (Severe)

Revelation (HS)

Bilbery Buttress (VS)

Pluto (HVS)

Rock Cimbing on Gimmer Crag


Gimmer crag is a mountain crag, situated above the Langdale valley and a favourite of Lake Distict Mountaineering.  There are a host of three star classic climbs on immaculate rock. 

Recommended Routes

Ash Tree Slabs (Vdiff)

A Route (Severe)

D Route (Severe)

North West Arete (MVS)

F Route (VS)

The Crack (VS)

Kipling Groove (HVS)

Rock Climbing on Shepherds Crag in Borrowdale


Accessible and roadside, in the Borrowdale Valley; this is a very popluar venues with many three star classic climbs.  Little Chamonix is the most famous, having been climbed in boxing gloves and roller skates. 

Recommended Routes

Brown Slabs Arete (Diff)

Little Chamonix (Vdiff)

Donkeys Ears (Severe)

Ardus (MVS)

Eve (VS)

Adam (HVS)

Rock Climbing in Borrowdale - Black Crag


This is a great venue with fantastic views.  Home to the famous Troutdale Pinnacle, it is sought by many for its classic rock status. There are lots of great routes here. 


Recommended Routes

Troutdale Pinnacle (Severe)

Troutdale Pinnacle Direct (VS)

The Shroud (VS)

Troutdale Pinnacle Superdirect (HVS)

Raindrop (E1)

Dow Crag - Classic Rock


Dow is big mountain crag, with a big mountain feel. High above Coniston and in the high fells, it can feel cold and intimidating - the routes however are fantastic and it is home to some easy classics. 


Recommended Routes

Giants Crawl (Diff)

C Ordinary (Diff)

Arete, Chimney & Crack (Severe)

Murray's Route (Severe)

Murray's Direct (VS)

Eliminate A (VS)

Needle Ridge - Classic Rock


The Napes is high on the side of Great Gable, above Wastwater.  It is home to many mountaineering style routes - almost alpine in feel.  The attraction is Napes Needle - first climbed in 1886 by Haskett-Smith. 


Recommended Routes

Sphinx Ridge (Grade 3)

Needle Ridge (Vdiff)

Arrowhead Ridge (Vdiff)

Abbey Buttress (Severe)

Napes Needle (HS)

Crummock and Buttermere


We look forward to hearing from you and working towards your mountaineering ambitions and helping to achieve your goals. 

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