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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

This summer has had a heavy focus on Ghyll Scrambling and Canyoning activities and we are loving sharing these adventures.

We have been in the water with everyone from family groups, to stag parties and groups of friends looking for some big adventures.

plunge pools and waterfalls in church beck, coniston, lake district
Church Beck Waterfall Fun

For those that are not aware of what these activities entail:

Ghyll Scrambing/Gorge Walking involves walking, scrambling and climbing up the mountain streams of the Lake District; we offer chances to climb waterfalls, jump into plunge pools and test yourself in the water as we journey from the bottom to the top of the ghyll.

Canyoning involves descending the ghyll/gorge; this can be via a series of lowers/abseils down waterfalls, jumps into plunge pools and slides into deep water - all to create a journey from top to bottom with a series of challenges along the way.

Canyon descent lake district
Waterfall Lower

We have a range of ghylls, canyons and trips to suit all experience levels and provide a thrilling and rewarding day.

Our beginner/introductory ghylls include Stickle Ghyll and the lower sections of Church Beck. These provide great entertainment for family groups and first time ghyll scramblers. These sessions include lots of waterfalls, some climbing, plunge pools and optional jumps and slides from varying heights.

Esk Gorge Ghyll Scramble/Canyon tip
Esk Gorge

The next step up is our canyon descents of Church Beck and lower Stoneycroft Ghyll - these provide a more technical trip; we will take care of the rope work as we lower you down a series of waterfalls.

In Church Beck we move on to offer a variety of jumps, as we head through the narrow upper section we will journey our way down with a series of jumps and slides. This is truly thrill seeking and offers a great adventure.

Jumping and ghyll scrambling - Lake District
Jumps in Church Beck

Finally, we must talk about the Esk Gorge; this is our big trip and provides a full day experience. This is where you will find the biggest jumps we offer, all from big cliff like walls into wide, deep pools. There is an element of easy climbing and scrambling in the Esk Gorge as we journey our way up to the top, ready for the climax and biggest jump we offer on any trip.

We have been in the Esk a few times this year and it is such a lovely place to be - a proper mountain stream in the picturesque Eskdale valley, what's not to love?

Abseiling in church beck coniston
First Waterfall Lower - Church Beck

Come along and give it a go, we have availability moving into September and would love to share our knowledge, passion and experience on your next adventure to the Lake District.

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