Join us over a period of 5 days in the mountains and experience everything that mountaineering has to offer.  From hill walking, to scrambling and rock climbing.  

5 Day Experience

Max Ratio 1:4

1:1 £850 (£170 per day)

1:2 £950 (£475pp)

1:3 £1200 (£400pp)

1:4 £1400 (£350pp)





This is a flagship service, offering a combination of guided experiences and skills days in order to allow you to progress your mountain knowledge, develop technical skills, and learn about mountaineering through an immersive and practical 5 days. 

Day 1

This will consist of some navigation training, following the syllabus of our navigation courses (tailored to your current level).  This will allow you to get to grips with the fundamentals of hill walking, mountain safety and ultimately we will complete a mountain walk, combining the necessary skills throughout the day. 

Day 2

We will take you rock climbing and cover the basic skills needed to climb safely.  This will be undertaken at a single pitch crag and we will teach you how to tie in and belay, and develop a further in depth understanding of climbing. This will provide a foundation of hard skills needed as we head forward into the rest of the week. 

Day 3

Scrambling day.  We will take you into the mountains and guide you on a scramble, or series of scrambles. Expect to be roped up as you cover grade 2 & 3 terrain.  We hope to get you into some classic terrain such as Pinnacle Ridge, The Napes or classic Langdale scrambles. 

Day 4

Multi-pitch rock climbing.  A guided climbing day.  We will take you to a multi pitch venue, with the aim to climb a classic rock route.  Expect to head for Gimmer Crag, Black Crag, Raven Crag or similar.  Some abseiling may be required to descend.  Expect a full day of climbing adventures. 

Day 5 

The last day and a more relaxed feel.  This has the option to be a half day.  For the morning you have a choice of either a ghyll scramble or to complete the Honister Via Ferrata.  If you want a full day, we can do both! A half day allows a relaxing afternoon and travel time if needed. 

Itineraries may need to be changed or curtailed and days may need to swapped around to adhere to the weather and get the most out of the time available. 



To book this course, visit our BOOK NOW page and complete the enquiry form. 

For further information email us. 

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This experience can run on any week that is suitable for you.

1st May - 31st September 

Venue & Location

We will choose suitable venues.

We hope to make the most of the whole Lake District National Park. 


All technical equipment is provided for this week. 

Use our Kit Lists to know what to bring for your experience. 



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