For novice or beginner climbers looking to climb outdoors. We will show you the ropes, introduce the equipment, and get you moving on the rock. We hope to climb an easy multi pitch climb on day 2. 

2 Day Course 

1 person: £380 (£190 per day)

2 people: £210pp (£105pp per day)

people: £180pp (£90pp per day)

people: £170pp (£85pp per day)



This course is designed to introduce you to the world of traditional climbing in the UK - we will use the crags in the Lake District to climb, in order to show you how rock climbing works and introduce this wonderful sport.  

Day 1:

We will go to a single pitch climbing venue and here we will teach you:

  • How to correctly fit your climbing harness

  • Tying in and using a figure of 8 knot

  • How to belay and lower a climber 

  • Movement skills 

  • Climbing gear: nuts, cams and hexes

  • Gear placement and removal in the rock


Day 2

This day will offer more refined coaching and teaching, we will split down into 1:2 ratio for this day. 

We will complete an easy multi pitch climb and learn in context as we climb showing you the equipment involved in traditional climbing.

Technical skills covered on this course include:

  • Tying in and refinement of this skill

  • Belaying & how to belay a lead climber

  • Climbing equipment - nuts, cams and hexes

  • Removing climbing gear whilst climbing

  • Seconding climbs and learning the systems

  • Learning climbing calls 

  • Tying clove hitches

  • Further movement coaching

  • Safe descent

The price of this course is inclusive of:

  • A qualified Mountaineering Instructor affiliated with AMI

  • Local & intimate knowledge of the venues

  • Technical equipment 

  • Professional coaching & instruction

  • Small ratios and focussed guiding

Read more about AMI here: About AMI


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Exclusive discount for LDM customers when booking this course

Course Ratios

1:4 Ratio on day one 

1:2 ratio on day two - this allows for focussed teaching in technical terrain


We will bring in an additional instructor (MCI) for day 2 in order to adhere to our ratios and keep the climbing safe.  

Feel free to book as an individual, and we will try to find another climber to run at 1:2 and maximise learning opportunities.  If you want an exclusive booking, then please let us know and will run at 1:1.


A desire to learn about climbing


No experience necessary - a head for heights in beneficial 


If you're looking for family climbing then we recommend booking a 'Discover Climbing' 

If you wish to climb outdoors for 1 day with an instructor, we offer Guided Climbing Days 


All technical equipment is provided. 

Ropes and climbing hardware all provided and inclusive of the price

We will share kit lists with you during the booking stage

Harness & Helmet provided

You will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing and have your own rock shoes. 

Click here for a rock shoes buyers guide


Our venues are carefully selected and tailored to get the most out of the programme. 

We can select venues close to your accommodation where possible.

We regularly use the Langdale & Borrowdale valleys but there are many good areas to choose from - let us know where you're saying and we can tailor the programme

We will use well known climbs, allowing us to teach in contact on real world terrain.

All dates, courses and sessions are displayed on our booking system.  Follow the book now button to view all of our availability and book your course.

Please request a date if our calendar doesn't match your availability

Looking for a bespoke course?

For further information and enquiries, please use the contact form

1 day course available for this programme

Click here to book a 1 day version of this course

Trad climbing equipment
Trad climbing equipment

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Castle Rock - Intro to climbing
Castle Rock - Intro to climbing

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Langdale - Kettle Crag
Langdale - Kettle Crag

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Trad climbing equipment
Trad climbing equipment

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We look forward to hearing from you and working towards your mountaineering ambitions and helping to achieve your goals. 

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