For novice or beginner climbers, no experience necessary.


Max Ratio 1:2

1 Day Course


Rock Climbing at Goat Crag Borrowdale


Course Outline

This course is designed to introduce novice climbers to the world of climbing in the UK.  There will be discussions around planning, preparation and safety at the crag and we will look into crag etiquette, ethics, access, the impact of the climber and what the mountaineering councils and boards do for the sport. 

Climbing equipment and its importance will be discussed; from harnesses, helmets and footwear and its correct fit to the hardware and rope types available. 

Technical skills covered include; wearing a harness, tying in, belaying, abseiling and the different uses of climbing equipment, such a nuts, cams and hexes and their placement and removal in the rock.  Climbing skills such as movement and climbing styles will be introduced. 


All technical equipment will be supplied; harness, helmet, hardware and ropes are all included in the session. Please bring clothing suitable for the conditions on the day and follow our rock climbing kit list. 

2021 Dates

8th April, 22nd April, 10th June, 24th June, 8th July, 12th July, 22nd July, 26th July, 6th Sep

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