Learn and understand how to solves basic problems, escape the system and hoist and lower climbers. 

Max Ratio 1:4​

1:2 £60pp

1:3 £50pp

1:4 £45pp

Rock climbing rescue and problem solving


Join us for a day of climbing and improvised rescue techniques.  We can tailor an itinerary towards your skill level and ability. 


This day is suited for climbers with some previous experience and preferably those with some leading experience. 

On meeting we will re cap the placement o solid gear and the building of belays before looking into and refreshing crucial knots and hitches - both in the rope and with prussics.  We will progress to explore an array of problems that may be encountered when climbing. 

We will cover any of the following:

Simple problems:

  • Dealing with knots in the rope

  • Stuck carabiners and how to undo them 

  • Climbing past a runner

  • Stuck climber

Complex problems:

  • Ascending a rope

  • Abseiling past a knot

  • Lowering past a knot 

  • Escaping the system 

  • Hoist systems 

If you wish to cover everything listed, or learn about more complex issues involving dealing with unconscious casualties, counter balance systems or abseiling with an injured climber - we would advise you to book 2 days. 

This day works best when two people book together.


To book this course, visit our BOOK NOW page and complete the enquiry form. 

For further information email us. 


This experience can run on any day/days that is suitable for you.

Venue & Location

We will choose suitable venues, close to Ambleside or Keswick.  

Visit our climbs and venues page for ideas. 


All technical equipment is provided for this course. 

Use our Kit Lists to know what to bring for your course. 

Gimmer Crag - Bracket & Slab Route


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