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Needle Ridge - Lakes Classic Rock

guided rock climbing 


Classic climbs are of top quality, lure and history.  There are 15 classic rock climbs in the Lakes, reserved as the best traditional & pioneering climbs.  Set aside a full week and join us to climb them all!

This day is delivered by a mountain professionals that are affiliated with the Association of Mountaineering Instructors


1:1 £1500

1:2 £1850

This is a week long itinerary

flexi tariff - any 7 days from 10 for £2100



Classic Rock refers to a renowned and influential guidebook that catalogues some of the most iconic and historic rock climbing routes in the UK. The guidebook, titled "Classic Rock: Great Climbs of Britain," was first published in 1978 and has since become a staple reference for climbers seeking to explore the best traditional climbing routes in the UK.

The book is authored by Ken Wilson and features a curated selection of approximately 60 climbs from all over the UK, spanning England, Scotland, and Wales. These climbs are considered classics for various reasons, including their historical significance, technical challenges, and the stunning natural environments in which they are located.

Classic Rock has played a crucial role in preserving the heritage of traditional climbing in the UK. It has also inspired generations of climbers to embark on pilgrimages to these iconic routes, paying homage to the pioneers who first ascended them.

Some of the routes are internationally famous, while others are more locally renowned.

Classic Rock is a celebration of the rich climbing history and diverse landscapes that the UK has to offer. Climbers often use it as a source of inspiration for planning their own adventures and as a tribute to the enduring legacy of British rock climbing.


There are 15 classic rock routes in the Lake District. Join us for a week-long adventure (7 days of climbing) exploring some of these iconic routes and ticking off the ultimate climbing tick list. Our guides will lead you on a journey through the region's classic routes, providing expert guiding and ensuring a safe and exhilarating climbing experience.


Day 1: Gillercombe Buttress, Troutdale Pinnacle & Little Chamonix (Borrowdale)

Day 2: Napes Needle, Needle Ridge & Tophet Wall (The Napes/Great Gable)

Day 3: Bowfell Buttress (Bowfell)

Day 4: Bracket & Slab, C Route, Ash Tree Slabs (Gimmer Crag)

Day 5: Jones' Route, Moss Ghyll Grooves (Scafell Crag)

Day 6: Ribs and Slab, New West Climb (Pillar)

Day 7: Murray's Route (Dow Crag) 


Demanding Terrain

The terrain we'll be traversing is rugged, and the trails can be steep and uneven. This adventure requires a good level of cardiovascular endurance through various terrains, which may include steep ascents, descents, and potentially technical sections.

Long Durations

Our adventure involves extended periods of physical activity. Whether it's a full day of climbing, hiking, or navigating challenging terrain, participants need the stamina to sustain their energy levels throughout the day. This ensures that everyone can fully enjoy the experience without feeling overly fatigued.

Climbing Skills

Participants are required to have some climbing skills.  This includes the ability to second traditional rock climbs, remove gear and have an understanding of basic rope work such as tying in and belaying.  Some of these routes require climbing up to VS 4c standard, so if you are climbing around 6a in the wall, you should be fine. 

This is a fine mountaineering adventure, allowing access to some of the highest and most remote climbs in the region with experienced and local guides to show you the way.  For the right person, this a thoroughly rewarding week in the Lake District. 

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The classic rock week is a challenge.  We would ask you to come prepared and meeting our climbing pre-requisites.

We can look organise a bespoke itinerary where we help you achieve this goal over a longer period, please enquire to do so.

We are on hand to answer any questions you may have.  

If you want to get ready for this adventure then we can recommend joining our Rock Skills Intermediate course as preparation, this will develop all the skills necessary to embark upon this challenge.  Or enquire for some bespoke climbing coaching or 1-1 days where we can focus on you and your climbing! 


Qualified Guides

Our guides are qualified rock climbers with extensive knowledge of local climbing areas. They are certified and trained to a high standard.  This standard is upheld through Mountain Training and our instructors hold the MCI award and are professional members of AMI.

Passion to inspire:

We're committed to leading by example, sharing knowledge, fostering growth and encouraging positivity in all climbing activities we provide. 

Flexibility and Adaptability

Your climbing adventure is designed to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Whether it's a single day excursion or a development plan over multiple days, we're here to make it happen.

Passion for Climbing

We are avid climbers ourselves, and our passion for the sport is evident in the experiences we create. We genuinely love sharing our knowledge and helping others discover the joy of rock climbing.

Memories that Last a Lifetime

We believe that climbing is more than a physical challenge; it's an opportunity for personal growth and unforgettable memories. Our tailored approach ensures that your climbing adventure is a story you'll cherish forever.



1:2 Ratio

2 people per 1 instructor

Safety is paramount so no more than 2 people per 1 instructor in technical terrain.


A party larger than 2 will require multiple instructors - we can supply instructors adhering to our ratios - please enquire.


We ask that you have some seconding experience and can climb up to 6a at the climbing wall

There are some longer days with some shorter days interspersed but a lot of the climbs require a walk in, so we ask that you are fit enough to walk uphill carrying a rucksack and a rope. 

A Rock Skills Intermediate course will get you ready for this week. 


All technical equipment is provided. 

We will share kit lists with you during the booking stage

Harness & Helmet provided but

you can bring your own

You will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing and have your own rock shoes

Click here for a rock shoes buyers guide


These venues are all home to classic rock routes, mots of which are high in the mountains, offering a full and immersive experience. 

The venues include the majestic cliffs of Great Gable, Scafell & Pillar as well some high crags in Langdale and Borrowdale, all of which are Lakeland climbing gems in their own right. 

Follow in the footsteps of pioneers.

Dates on request


Please us the contact form or email us to enquire and we can organise a guided day based on your availability (and ours)


We can supply additional instructors for larger groups - 1:2 ratio for safety in this terrain 

Classic Rock Climbs Lake District

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We look forward to hearing from you and working towards your mountaineering ambitions and helping to achieve your goals. 

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