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Advanced Scrambling course with Lake District Mountaineering

advanced scrambling

For those looking to be independent in grade III scrambling and easy climbing terrain.  This course will develop efficient movement techniques, rope work skills and develop good mountain judgement. 

This course is delivered by mountain professionals that are affiliated with the Association of Mountaineering Instructors




This course is for people comfortable at grade I and II but looking to develop technical skills to safeguard

themselves on grade III scrambles and easy climbing.

We recommend those wishing to undertake this course have some basic knowledge of climbing skills and mountaineering skills, so we can help build your judgement of when to use these skills appropriately.

It would suit those looking to plan trips to places such as the Isle of Skye, scramble in areas such as the Glyderau,

or independently climb Pillar Rock as examples.  We are hoping to equip you for all scrambling and mountaineering terrain that can be found in the UK, helping you to develop the skillset to go and have your own adventures in varied and technical terrain; remaining safe and efficient at all times.


Guided Technical Scramble

A supervised scramble on a challenging route to apply relevant skills

Emphasis on route-finding, protection placement, and efficient movement.

Gear and Equipment

Gear selection for technical scrambling.

Proper fitting of helmets, harnesses, and specialised equipment.

Advanced Scrambling Techniques

Focus on precise footwork, handholds, and body positioning on technical terrain.

Introduction to downclimbing techniques.

Rope Work for Scramblers

Knots and hitches essential for advanced scrambling.

Roped team movement on exposed terrain.

Use of Protection

Proper placement and assessment of natural and artificial protection.

Rappelling and lowering techniques for steep descents.

Route Assessment and Decision-Making

AnalySing routes for technical difficulty and exposure.

Identifying alternate routes and retreat options.


Technical gear and its application

Fundamental climbing skills

Tying in, belaying

Placing and removing gear

Movement coaching and climbing styles

Learn how to take coils

Discuss decision making around moving together and when to pitch

Building solid belays

Belaying direct, indirect, body belay and when each technique is appropriate

Descent - lowers & abseils

learning scrambling rope work
Advanced scrambling skills and courses


Be more confident on technical scrambles, moving over rough ground such as scree and rock,

More able to route find and assess risk,

Gained more knowledge towards judging terrain and making decisions appropriate to the weather and your skillset,

Able to take coils, build belays and be in a strong position to safeguard your team/friends on graded scrambles,

Be more confident in movement, body position and fundamental scrambling techniques



Experienced Guides:

Our certified instructors are not only seasoned in scrambling techniques but are also passionate about sharing their expertise. They'll guide you through each step with safety and precision.

Real-World Application:

The course is designed to equip you with practical skills for independent mountaineering adventures.

Beautiful Locations:

Enjoy learning in some of the most scenic and challenging mountain environments.

Emphasis on Technique:

We focus on teaching sound scrambling techniques, including balance, walking skills and efficient movement over varied terrain.

Small Group Sizes:

Our low instructor-to-participant ratio ensures personalised attention and maximum learning opportunities.

Certified Instructors:

Our experienced and certified instructors are dedicated to your safety and skill development.

Course Ratios

1:2 Ratio

2 people per 1 instructor in technical terrain

4 spaces per course means we will supply up to 2 instructors for some of the course

This is an open course so feel free to book as an individual - minimum 2 people for courses to run



You will have completed at least three grade I scrambles and have a head for heights (enjoyed the scrambling)

Some rock climbing experience may be beneficial.  Scrambling is all decision making and lots of skills we use are climbing skills that we adapt for the terrain. 

Take a look at: 

Rock Skills Intermediate as a progressional course 


Harness, helmet, ropes & climbing hardware are available to use and included in the price

We will share kit lists with you during the booking stage

You will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing and have appropriate mountain footwear (boots).


These courses use the Langdale Valley and we will meet at the Sticklebarn Tavern for course introductions at 9:00am 


Here we will discuss your aims and outline the course structure 

We use scrambles on Raven Crag, White Ghyll, Pavey Ark, Harrison Stickle, Thorn Crag and Loft Crag. 


11th-12th May 2024

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12th-13th September 2024

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26th27th October 2024

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All dates can be booked through the booking system

Hire our Lake District Mountaineering instructors for private and tailored programmes.

Suited to your goals & ambitions to make the most of YOUR time in the mountains. 

Day rates: 

1:1 £210

1:2 £240


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We look forward to hearing from you and working towards your mountaineering ambitions and helping to achieve your goals. 

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